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Critical Mass, Ride London, and Ben and Jerry’s

On Friday I took part in Critical Mass.  I met Tom at Hyde Park and we cycled to meet his friend, Felix and his friend, Thomas and then onwards to roughly assemble for around 7pm.  At 7.15pm the mass rolled out.  The 1000 odd cyclists that take part in Critical Mass is a spectacle.  Despite […]

Marx, laugh and Brighton

Hello, Recovering from the tail end of a light cold reminded by an intermittent tickling cough, and listening to the rain as it patters down on my bedroom window, here I reflect on a wonderful few days a week ago. On Tuesday 21st I got the train down to London, bicycle in tow.  From St. […]

Critical Pride

Hello there. Oh, I headed down to London last Friday 25th June. I partook in June 2015’s Critical Mass.  If you have stumbled upon this blog, or have somehow missed the plethora of posts from me about it before, Critical Mass is an assemblage of predominantly cyclists which occurs on the last Friday of every […]

‘Cycling’ holiday

We planned to cycle from Wellingborough to the south coast but we ended up taking our bicycles on the trains.  We had a ‘Cycling’ holiday.  On Wednesday 17th June, Seb and I got the train down to Southampton with a stop off at London St. Pancras and short cycle to Waterloo. In retrospect, I am […]

World Naked Bike Ride 2015

I took part in the World Naked Bike Ride in central London. Yesterday Tom and I met on Blackfriars Bridge, hired our bicycles and headed to Clapham Junction.  Assembling at 2pm, numbers were scarce, so we headed to a lovely little cafe for about 40 minutes.  Back in plenty of time for applying some body […]

Interrailing 2015

Paris, Rome, Venice, Munich, Berlin and Amsterdam. I went travelling from Tuesday 19th May until Thursday 4th June. Here is the main photo album. Over the next few days this will be corrected and padded out with more information.  Photo credits to Seb. Here’s what I got up to in just over two weeks when […]

We were about to climb!

Big Ben tour

Yesterday (Thursday) my Mum and I went down to London for a  tour of Big Ben.  Amazing!  Stunning. There’s some work happening near to Westminster Bridge and there’s this sign: After passing through airport-style security in the entrance to Portcullis House, we sat and waited for it to begin.  I hadn’t looked into it any […]


On Saturday 7th March, Tom and I took part in the #TimeToAct2015 protest.  What wonderful day!  I felt so relaxed and at such ease with myself.  The lovely warm and sunny day may have helped – perhaps ironically I was enjoying a bit of a sign of climate change?!  It felt as if we were on […]

London with Maureen

Hello, I might as well live in London.  I was down yet again yesterday (Sunday) with my great cousin, Maureen.  I adore spending time with her.  But it had worked out with my final year of university that meeting up was put on hold.  A final push, and my degree was complete.  Summer came, and […]

Better Together, Emma and Richard Branson

Yesterday, as always, I had a splendid day in London.  I jumped on a Boris Bike near St Pancras and headed to The British Museum.  I have never stepped foot in here before and I don’t know why.  The artefacts on show are overwhelming.  Then I jumped on another Boris Bike and headed towards Westminster, […]

Cycling 111 miles

Yesterday I cycled 85 miles ish from Wellingborough to London! I forgot to check my odometer as I arrived and only checked it after I took part in Critical Mass. I met up with Tom and then we all cycled for hours. I left around 10.50pm. All in all, yesterday I travelled 111 miles, for […]

Samuel Shoesmith graduated from the University of Nottingham

Life update

Long time no update. Time flies. Since I finished at University I have been on holiday with Sophie to visit my friend Amy in Grenoble, France. It was a lovely break away after the final stretch of university. Weather was lovely! As I said in my last vlog, I cycled with no clothes on through central […]

2014-02-21 – Wooden Chocolate Factory – Vlog 22 by Samuel Shoesmith

On Friday 21st February, for a module called Technology, Material Change and Social Change, a group of us students and Dr David Parker went to visit Fairdinkum Furniture / Outback and Deli-Cious Chocolate in Sherwood.  The intention was to see how objects are made and fashioned into a final product from raw materials.  As with […]

2013-11-28 – Christmas in a Day

Hello, Yesterday, Tiffany and I were invited to see the film premiere of  ‘Christmas in a Day’ in BAFTA, Piccadilly. Why were we invited? Well, we were in it.  Just before Christmas Day 2012, I heard about a project called ‘Christmas in a Day’.  I had heard about and submitted footage for ‘Britain in a […]

2013-11-28 – URN at the SRAs in London – Vlog 19 by Samuel Shoesmith

University Radio Nottingham went down to Student Radio Awards sponsored by BBC Radio 1. Here’s the vlog of the day:

2013-11-17 – Happy Bikeday Sam! – Vlog 18 by Samuel Shoesmith

Some of the thing I got up to this summer.

2013-09-30 – 30 days hath September

Oh dear.  I have fallen into the trap again.  Letting my time slip by and not having any evidence that I have done anything productive.  Over the next few weeks, I shall compile some clips from my summer holidays.  Whilst it was still September, I thought I would post something on here.  It’s not creative […]

2013-08-13 – Jobs

Hello, Long time no post.  Again.  I seem to say that a lot.  Life is too rich to remember to do this and remember to do that.  Life needs to be experienced, and noted some of the time. I have just seen this film trailer for ‘Jobs Official American Legend’ and I do really want […]

2013-07-17 – London – Boris biking – Vlog 17 by Samuel Shoesmith

Again, I’m going with “better late than never”.

2013-07-10 – Vinspired Live – Vlog 15 by Samuel Shoesmith