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Labour’s win

My thoughts about the recent Labour win.

My 2023 review

Here I talk about my 2023 year. A brief thematic chronological discussion about my 2023, reasoning why I take so many photos, about discussion about my cycling and my activity trends.

Wilby School Time Capsule

Today marks the day that 20 years years ago I buried a time capsule at Wilby School. I talk about it and share some memories. It made me wonder what makes me me?

Weekend of cycling

This weekend it was Critical Mass Nottingham, Derby and Kidical Mass. Lots of cycling!

First Parkrun

Kidical Mass Nottingham

In this recording, I talk about the first ever Kidical Mass ride in Nottingham that took place on Sunday 23rd April.

PODCAST – My 2022 review

My 2021 review – slightly late

Here is my review of 2021 in photos. I did mean to publish this just over 365 days ago.

Christmas in a Day – filmed 10 years ago

Christmas in a Day – filmed 10 years ago — Film producer and director Kevin MacDonald made a film called Christmas in a Day 2013 and asked the British public to submit footage from their Christmas Day 2012. Our footage is in there. I recommend you watch the film. It’s a beautiful time capsule.

New powers to improve safety on Nottingham’s roads?

Here I talk about the consultation on new powers that may be granted to the council to enforce moving traffic offences. Please support!

Nottinghamshire Pride 2022

Here I talk about Nottinghamshire Pride weekend. The accompanying photos on my website.

World Naked Bike Ride 2022

Here I talk about me taking part in the London naked bicycle ride for 2022. It was my first trip down to London in ages and I saw my friend Tom the night before the ride. I met Amar and Chris on the cycle ride.

Moved, Maypole, Edit

Here I voice record my most recent blog entry. I haven’t updated my website for months but finally I have pushed out a piece. I am back! In recent news I have moved up to Nottingham. I was invited to a Mayday event at my local pocket park and I suddenly decided to record, edit […]

2021-08-31 – Why the abnormal felt so normal

In this podcast I talk about a recent weekend away in London then Brighton. It was one of the first times I have felt normal in a long time, in an environment many would find abnormal. Cycling completely naked!

Travel and Transport in Wellingborough and North Northants

Here I talk about travel and transport in Wellingborough and North Northants. I explore some of my ideas for making the area better.

I am a candidate!

I am now officially a candidate in the upcoming Local Elections!

Pinch punch, first of the month, hello March

It is the first March. Pinch punch, first of the month. Here I talk about what I could up to in the previous month.

My January 2021

Here’s my spoken version of My January 2021 post.  

My 2020

Here I run through and describe my 2020. The accompanying blog posts has all of the photos that I talk about.

Brit Spit Up

In this episode of the podcast I give my recommendations of a few series to watch during Tier 4. I am sure how how long the restrictions will last but there are hours and hours of British television on the relatively new subscription service BritBox. I talk its formation and the market it is in […]