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Brain angiogram

Dear diary, I recently wrote about how this year I aimed to be active every day and was working so well with getting long walks, runs, the gym, cycles and even a swim in, but then on Friday 12th, I had a scheduled brain angiogram so all exercise stopped for a whole week afterwards. Crryyy. […]

Brain haemorrhage and stroke, 20th July 2019

A year ago, back on Saturday 20th July 2019, I had a brain haemorrhage and stroke. It is only now that I feel ready to talk about this.  I jest!  It is talking about myself so something which I love to do and do all the time.  The delay though has meant this has turned […]

10th anniversary of my brain haemorrhage

On this day, around this time, one decade ago, I had a brain haemorrhage. Every year, it is important to me to take the opportunity to thank all those who helped saved my life and who have helped and supported me. To my sister, Tiffany, who was with me and raised the alarm, to my […]

A45 Bicycle Crash. Ouch.

Hello, Yesterday evening, at around 5.40pm I was hit whilst cycling along the A45.  I was knocked off my bicycle by a van travelling at about 65mph. The wing mirror clipped me and flung me into the grass verge.   My glasses were knocked off but luckily I wasn’t knocked out.  My head was painful […]

2014-01-02 – Brain angiogram – Vlog 21 by Samuel Shoesmith

A very Happy New Year.  Here’s my new video.  Like and comment please!

2013-10-22 – Memory is great

Memory. I love memories. Memories of experiences throughout our lives make for great, well rounded individuals. Life needs to be full of out-there experiences and that’s what I am trying to do. It’s all fine sitting at the computer or reading something and staying inside your bubble but sometimes you need to enter the real […]

2013-06-05 – MRI check up – Vlog 12 by Samuel Shoesmith

Yesterday I went for a routine MRI check up at John Radcliffe Hospital.  It was the first time I filmed it.  And the first time I completely watched the catheter being fitted.  He couldn’t find the vein straight away.  Ahhhh   So, that was my Tuesday 4th June.

2013-05-20 – The brain is wonderful

Hello, Earlier on, I had my first exam.  Beforehand, I was ‘shitting it’.  I really thought I hadn’t retained any information.  I have spent a long time revising.  After looking at my gathered information time and time again, I just didn’t think I would remember it. As I finished, I came out into the fresh […]