November 2013 -

2013-11-28 – Christmas in a Day

Hello, Yesterday, Tiffany and I were invited to see the film premiere of  ‘Christmas in a Day’ in BAFTA, Piccadilly. Why were we invited? Well, we were in it.  Just before Christmas Day 2012, I heard about a project called ‘Christmas in a Day’.  I had heard about and submitted footage for ‘Britain in a […]

2013-11-28 – URN at the SRAs in London – Vlog 19 by Samuel Shoesmith

University Radio Nottingham went down to Student Radio Awards sponsored by BBC Radio 1. Here’s the vlog of the day:

2013-11-17 – Happy Bikeday Sam! – Vlog 18 by Samuel Shoesmith

Some of the thing I got up to this summer.