2013-11-28 – Christmas in a Day


Yesterday, Tiffany and I were invited to see the film premiere of  ‘Christmas in a Day’ in BAFTA, Piccadilly.

Why were we invited?

Well, we were in it.  Just before Christmas Day 2012, I heard about a project called ‘Christmas in a Day’.  I had heard about and submitted footage for ‘Britain in a Day’ and ‘Life in a Day’ before that so jumped at the chance to participant in this.

I often pick up my camera and film what’s going on.  A lot of the footage gets discarded, but some of it ends up on my main YouTube channel, samuelshoesmith or secondary one, samuelshoesmithuncut.

This idea, of a ‘user-generated’ film from people across Britain on one day really interested me.  How did individuals celebrate Christmas?   Kevin Macdonald said he thinks ‘it captures something about Christmas’ and ‘it raises a lot of questions too’  and I certainly agree.  The finished product is also similar to a time capsule.  It’ll be there in many years time and can be looked back on to ask what was Christmas like on the Tuesday 25th December 2012.

‘The film was made available at midnight on YouTube and can be watched in full.  I’d strongly recommend watching it.  If not for the fact I feature, albeit for a few seconds, then because it shows what Christmas means to different people.

Here is some media attention of CIAD.  The Telegraph, the Evening Standard, The Guardian.

As I mentioned I often film what I do.  So here’s the vlog:

And here are some photographs:

Kevin Macdonald introducing the film:


Me and Kevin Macdonald:

Tiffany and Kevin Macdonald:

Me and Tiffany:


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