My February 2024

Dear Diary,

As with January, I have decided to review February and put some photos of the month here. It gives me a reason to reflect on the many photos I take. The way I have done it before with the yearly review means that because of the hundreds and hundreds of photos I have to try and narrow down, I don’t actually sit and remember the moment.

Quick update from me. Somehow we are already a few days into March. I am writing this near the end of the Sunday. Day 63/366.

I went to Nottingham Night Light, as I did last year, and the one before. I went by bicycle. The engrained cyclephobia of a security guard at Nottingham Castle nearly saw him refuse us entry until I stood my ground and demanded access. Where were we going to lock up 15 odd bicycles? I proposed someone stood with them whilst the rest encouraged the sights. Guess what. He realised the error of his ways and let us in. Plus we were blocking access to the Castle and they became figity. I popped down to Wellingborough a couple of times to help out with the byelection (Gen Kitchen won – I put it all down to me! Haha). I ate out a fair few times. I went to Manchester to see Tiff. I parked ran a few times and got my personal best of 24:48. I went down to Wellingborough again for Dad’s 70th birthday celebrations and I had a really fun and relaxed evening with Simon and Seb. Oh and of course, I cycled a lot and did cycled related stuff for work! I maintained the whole ‘activity every day’ mantra that I set out at the beginning of the year. Lots of exercise. Oh and towards the end of the month, I entered my first ever race, the Nottingham 10k. Busy busy.

Below are some photos from February. Why are these chosen and not others? I do not quite know the answer.

The weather is starting to get better. So,

March, march on!

Speak soon,

Samuel x

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