June 2016 - samuelshoesmith.uk


Today is the day of the EU referendum vote. Stay or leave? Make sure you go and vote today. Every vote matters. Make sure it is not cast from reading one piece of propaganda from either side of the campaign. Both sides have played dirty and spun the facts a lot; in some cases, they […]

Road traffic collision

Yesterday I was in a nasty crash. Coming along Northampton Road before it becomes Oxford Street, I approached a car in front of me. It hit the brakes, indicated left and made a left manoeuvre. Despite hitting my brakes, there wasn’t enough time for me to stop. The time between her indicating and turning was […]

World Naked Bike Ride 2016

I recently took off my clothes and rode a bicycle around London for my third World Naked Bike Ride. It has now become an annual event and one which I would not miss. The event is a series of protests and one of making statements. It calls on society to reduce its reliance on cars […]


I comment on many current affairs but often shy away from commenting on killings. Perhaps this is down to me briefly mourning in a personal way and absorbing the plethora of facts, knowledge and subsequent opinions that soon emerge. However, two recent acts of terrorism on Jo Cox MP earlier today and the massacre early […]

World Ocean Day!

Today is World Ocean Day. A huge amount of waste plastic ends up in our oceans with estimates of between “eight and 13 billion tonnes” (Evening Standard 2016). Let’s reduce our consumption of plastic. I used to be terrible and now strive to be better. We grow up in a society where convenience is king, […]

A few more hours to register

There are a few more hours to register to vote in the upcoming EU referendum. Shall we stay or shall we go? Make sure you are registered to vote. You may not plan on voting but imagine if you have a change of heart at the last minute. The government recently changed the system so […]