World Naked Bike Ride 2016

I recently took off my clothes and rode a bicycle around London for my third World Naked Bike Ride.  It has now become an annual event and one which I would not miss.

The event is a series of protests and one of making statements.  It calls on society to reduce its reliance on cars and on oil.  It emphasises the vulnerability of cyclists and calls generally for more care and consideration to be given.  Also it is an opportunity to feel comfortable in your own skin!  I can assure you, you would have felt odd if you had been wearing clothes.

It was a wonderful day.  I loved feeling free.  However, it started raining before the ride commenced.  I thought positive thoughts and before I knew it the sun broke through the clouds.  Despite my feet getting a bit dirty from the wet roads, it was soon bright and warm.

I made a video of the day:

And here are some photos:

Now can you see me?  Curb Car Culture

Talk soon,

Samuel x

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