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Happy 8th Anniversary to me!

Today is the 8th anniversary of my brain haemorrhage.  8 whole years.  Wooah.  So much has changed. Each year I commemorate the moment my life change enormously and emphasise the thanks I give to my sister, Tiffany, my Mum, my Dad, my ex-neighbour Jane, family, friends, the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance and all neurosurgery […]

2014-06-02 – Naked Bike Ride and Critical Mass – Vlog 23 by Samuel Shoesmith

On Friday 14th June I will be riding a bicycle through central London with no clothes on. I’ll be taking part in the annual World Naked Bike Ride.  It’s a ride against oil dependency, against car culture, for the love of the body and for cycling safety. I’ll be using this as an opportunity to […]

Happy Anniversary to me

Happy Anniversary to me!  Opps.  I talked about it on Google Plus, Facebook and on Twitter yesterday but I forgot to talk about it here. Yesterday was the 6th anniversary of my brain haemorrhage!  Six whole years.  Wow!   As I do each year, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to […]

26/10/12 – Five years ago, on this very day.

Five years ago, on this very day I had a brain haemorrhage and my life was saved by the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance. Today I’m the guest blogger for The Air Ambulance Service.  Check it out:  www.theairambulanceservice.blogspot.co.uk. And yesterday I was in the Evening Telegraph: