Happy 8th Anniversary to me!

Today is the 8th anniversary of my brain haemorrhage.  8 whole years.  Wooah.  So much has changed.

Each year I commemorate the moment my life change enormously and emphasise the thanks I give to my sister, Tiffany, my Mum, my Dad, my ex-neighbour Jane, family, friends, the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance and all neurosurgery staff who helped me.

Despite having quite a big bleed, leading to a stroke and all its consequences, my 15 year old brain, with all of this support, managed to recover and I reacquainted myself with school, finished it, then Sixth Form and University.  I am here, I am so thankful and so happy.

On the outside, it would now take a close look at the back of my head to see the scar to see that anything had happened.  On the inside, I still suffer from tiredness and fatigue and have something still going on up there but I’ll deal with that at a later date.

Without doubt, if the air ambulance had not been available to transport me from Kettering General Hospital to the neuro-specialist John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, I would likely not be here today or be very disabled.  It flew me the 50 odd mile journey in just 23 minutes compared to the approximate hour and 20 minutes it could have taken by land ambulance – depending on traffic.  Thank you for the NHS; its wonderful surgeons with their skill and use of equipment actually saved my life.  First and foremost, my sister, Tiffany raised the alarm so my gratitude to her will never diminish.

Life can be taken away at any moment, so enjoy the day because tomorrow may never come.

Carpe diem.  YOLO.

Interested in the brain?  I am.  Check the videos below.  It’s all clever stuff.

Every so often I go for a check up so what’s happening up there.  It’s a brain angiogram.  Watch the video below:

In 2010, I had Stereotactic Radiosurgery. In layman’s terms, this worked by splitting a laser beam into smaller less power ones which all directed into a very precise location. It was planned, somehow, to slowly initiate a process in which the dodgy veins closed up. It didn’t work. Below is that video:

Samuel x


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