April 2013 - samuelshoesmith.uk

2013-04-20 – Horse DRAMA, George and June – Vlog 9 by Samuel Shoesmith

Here’s what I was up to yesterday.  Horse drama then St. George’s Day Celebrations: Sam 🙂

2013-04-16 – Badminton time

After looking and looking and looking at my essay (which is due next week) and not getting very far with it, I decided to go and play some badminton with my sister and some friends.  

2013-04-08 – Goodbye MSN messenger

Hello, Today sees the curtain drawn for the once popular service, MSN, later re-branded as Windows Live Messenger.  Microsoft have decided to focus their attention on their acquisition of Skype.  I’m a big fan of Skype.  Never would I have dreamt Microsoft would be the owners of this service?!  MSN and Skype were competitors and I tried […]