2013-04-08 – Goodbye MSN messenger


Today sees the curtain drawn for the once popular service, MSN, later re-branded as Windows Live Messenger.  Microsoft have decided to focus their attention on their acquisition of Skype.  I’m a big fan of Skype.  Never would I have dreamt Microsoft would be the owners of this service?!  MSN and Skype were competitors and I tried to wean people across.  Maybe I am partly to blame for its demise.  Hahaha.

Years previous, I remember coming home from school and religiously signing into MSN.  Chatting for hours and hours.  I think I remember firstly typing, as everyone else did, in text-talk.  ‘How r u?’.   I soon changed my ways.  Thank God.  Such happy times on MSN.  And such arguments!

Facebook and Twitter were unheard of by me and amongst my friends during MSN’s heyday.  MySpace came somewhere along the lines but I was never jumped on the bandwagon.  And then it went.  Bebo came along a bit later.  And then went.  And it was in December 2007, I was invited by a friend to sign up to Facebook and within months, Facebook took centre stage.  And then wen . . . well.

A couple of months ago, I signed in to Windows Live Messenger to see who was online.  There was one person online but I imagine they still had it auto-starting up.

The downfall of MSN just serves as a reminder that nothing is permanent on the internet.  I never dreamt that MSN would go?  ‘What’s your MSN?’, I would ask, as if it was part of one’s identity.


‘What’s your Skype?’




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