Musings & Ideas

Here is a static place for some of my musings and ideas.

The blog posts do allow me to top up with fresh compartmentalised content but that subsequently pushes old content down and out of sight. This is more permanent. I like that. The text can and will be edited.

The trouble with reading the written word is that in two ways it can be misunderstood. One way I can cause misunderstanding is through my own writing: the style of it, grammatical errors, or if there are some illogical and nonsensical sentences. These problems can change the meaning for you. Also, you can change the meaning for yourself. Looking through your lens, you understand it in a slightly different way to the meaning I have intended. That’s why I am a fan of the spoken word, although it has its own problems.

I am always looking to expand my mind. To understand life from a different perspective is so incredibly important. Therefore, if you disagree with anything I mention here, or want further elaboration, clarification or explanation, let’s talk about it. If I explain, it gives you the ammunition to further criticise. Converse. Let me know.

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