My April 2024

Dear Diary,

As the moment I am writing this, 33% of 2024 is complete.

My new habit that has formed this year is writing a blog post every month. It’s mainly a place I can mass upload lots of photos from the month some seeming quite meaningless but all meaningful to differing degrees. For someone who takes photos of everything, it sets aside some time at the end of each month, to think back to a moment which would otherwise get lost the rapidness of time and potentially forgotten about.

April was, as every month seems to be, a busy month. There was a visit to Matlock Bath, went to see Mary Poppins at the pictures, the gym, Parkran, both numerous times, I ate out quite a few times and generally enjoyed the nicer weather. Then there was Kidical Mass Nottingham which was so great! Separately I did a few bits with work which I enjoyed. Also, I went on quite a few cycles. And then I had the horror of losing my Garmin. It must have fallen off my bike. I have had the device for 10 years. It went so strange getting on my bicycle and not starting it. Ahhh. I retraced my steps. In total, I think I was without it for 10 days. The horror. I ordered a second hand one on eBay. Tracking and statistics matter to me.

Speak soon,

Samuel x

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