September 2014 -

Critical Mass

Hello, Yesterday I took part in London’s Critical Mass.  As always, it was superb.  The atmosphere was amazing.  This is the third consecutive month, before that I was working the day in June, and back in May I took part in Nottingham’s Critical Mass. After a couple of hours we stopped outside Buckingham Palace and […]

Wheelchair [race] the tube

Hello, You may have seen the recent video entitled ‘Race the Tube – Sprint’ in which a man with working legs left the underground circle lane at Mansion House, ran along the street and back onto the same train as it approached Cannon Street. Impressive. In case you haven’t seen it. Here it is: The […]

London with Maureen

Hello, I might as well live in London. I was down yet again yesterday (Sunday) with my great cousin, Maureen. I adore spending time with her. But it had worked out with my final year of university that meeting up was put on hold. A final push, and my degree was complete. Summer came, and […]

Better Together, Emma and Richard Branson

Yesterday, as always, I had a splendid day in London. I jumped on a Boris Bike near St Pancras and headed to The British Museum. I have never stepped foot in here before and I don’t know why. The artefacts on show are overwhelming. Then I jumped on another Boris Bike and headed towards Westminster, […]