Better Together, Emma and Richard Branson

Yesterday, as always, I had a splendid day in London.  I jumped on a Boris Bike near St Pancras and headed to The British Museum.  I have never stepped foot in here before and I don’t know why.  The artefacts on show are overwhelming. 

Hiring a Boris Bike just by St Pancras

The British Museum!

Then I jumped on another Boris Bike and headed towards Westminster, past Big Ben and over Westminster Bridge and then stopped off near the Eye to get a McDonalds.  I then got the tube up to Charing Cross, walked to Trafalgar Square and stood waiting for the guest speakers.

Me in Trafalgar Square

Despite me being right up the front, Emma, my friend who I met during the first couple of days of uni, found me.  Maybe it was the t-shirt I was wearing?! 

Me and Emma

Emma and I stood chatting for a while for about twenty minutes.  I wondered how the guest speakers were going to get to the small platform that thousands of people surrounded.  I heard a commotion and turned to my left to see security guards making a path in the crowd and it went straight in front of me.  In my state of confusion, and with the speed it all happened, aiming and taking a good photo did not happen but I got some very close ones and back of the head photos.  I even shook Dan Snow’s hand!

Sir Bob Geldof!

Back of Eddie Izzard’s head.

Back of Dan Snow’s head

Back of Al Murray’s head.

I am sure the full speeches are somewhere online.  Here are a few snippets of what Eddie Izzard and Sir Bob Geldof had to say.

Once the speeches had finished, Emma and I caught the tube to Oxford Circus and walked along to BBC Broadcasting House.  On Friday I had seen on The One Show’s Facebook page that the guest on Monday night would be Sir Richard Branson.  I needed to meet him!  As we walked towards The One Show, we saw him on the sofas chatting to Alex and Matt. 

Branson on The One Show’s sofa

There was a small gathering outside and I asked a lady next to me if she knew where he was coming out.  She didn’t.  I asked the big security guard.  He said he’s not coming out tonight?  Pffft.  I suppose he meant out that particular door.  Emma and I walked around to the back entrance and I saw a nice car.  I asked the driver if that was Richard Branson’s car.  “Yes”, she replied.  I stood near the car.  He came out, and I approached and asked politely if I could have a photo.  My silly camera decided at that very minute to have a spasm and swapped modes.  For a few seconds we stood there and nothing.  Ohh no, flash had turned off but Emma snapped away.  I checked and this was the outcome!  Thank you Emma!

Sir Richard Branson and me!

I felt slightly starstruct, and I wondered hazily towards a restaurant.  Emma and I had a Byron burger.  Delicious!  And that meat was from Scotland!

Beef from Scotland! 

It was lovely seeing Emma.  I had such a wonderful time.  Thank you.

Emma and me


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