I think of myself as an environmentalist.  Overall  I love the planet.  I am a vegetarian. I do not drive a car. The actions I take every day have the benefit of the planet in mind. I do commit sins though. Aeroplanes? Ouch. So, I will downgrade myself as a quasi-environmentalist.

Back in my school days, I was in the Eco-Team.  As well as being a representative on the School Council for “green” issues, I was involved in the recycling team.  This team went around every classroom on a Thursday and emptied paper and card into the giant recycling bins.  Glamorous.  The amount of papers that was thrown away on a weekly basis was mind-boggling but at least with our help it was all recycled!

I saw a report that says “In London, the buses run slower than chickens“.  How crazy is that?!   Ok, it’s not all streets but on some the congestion is so bad that buses are forced to crawl along.  Buses should have priority over the private car.  And they do in some cases; there are quite a few bus lanes.  Great!  This encourages public transport and helps cut pollution.  London Mayoral Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith said that soon, with the ride of the electric car, there would be “no point” in having bus lanes.   How wrong is he.  If buses cannot pass the stationary queueing traffic, be that diesel or electric, then the streets would come to a standstill.  Without the incentive to travel on public transport, people would buy an individual electric car and use the electric to crawl around.  Ahhhh.


Here are some interesting links:

Paris is to ban diesel cars from French capital. London will be watching attentively. Other towns and cities should follow.

My former university, the University of Nottingham was last year voted the greenest University in the World .


More information to come soon.

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