My March 2024

Dear Diary,

I am typing this at the end of the first day of April. We are somehow 25.1% of the way through the year of 2024.

As per my new tradition, as with each month, so far, January and February, I now do a photo review. As each month passes, I look back which gives me a sufficient amount of time to reflect. In my yearly photo reviews (202220212020201920182017, 2016), owing to the scale, it has been felt more like a never-ending conveyer belt of getting the photos organised.

Again, this month has been a busy one. I think I forget how much I do cram into it. I have been active. Cycling and running as much as always. I did my first ever 10k race. I ate out quite a bit. I drank quite a bit. I did some bits with work I enjoyed. I went down to London. I went to my school friend’s child’s Christening. Some meetings. I went campaigning for Labour. Some more cycling. Going out out. Relaxing Easter weekend!

Here are some of the photos. Some I have not included for a myriad of reasons and some I cannot explain why I have actually picked that one. In a few months or few years, I can look back and say to myself, oh yes, I remember that! Otherwise, it would just fade away.

Speak soon,

Sam x

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