My 2021 review – a little late

Did I intend to publish this just about 365 days ago?  Yes, I did.

“Oh I’ll write this tomorrow,” I thought to myself.  Tomorrow became next week and then it never came about.  There’s always something else to do.  Ahhhh.

I just managed before the end of 2021 to make a monumental move into my own flat in a new city.  I decided in August that I was to leave Wellingborough and become a resident of Nottingham.  At times with the incredibly competitive housing market and the need to get a job to have a house but a house needing a job, it sometimes felt it would never happen.  Everything though suddenly slotted into place and after securing a new job, I found a place a place on RightMove and moved in on Monday 20th December 2021!

My 2021 review – slightly late

I take a lot of photos.  For me, it is so important to capture a moment in time.  It elicits memories.  Along the lines of ‘if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”,  I have made up a proverb.  It goes “If a photo is not taken, did it really happen?”.  I think it comes from my phobia of losing my memory.  Equally, moments need to be enjoyed and one needs to be in the present; the sight of a sea of camera phones filming the entirety of a concert baffles me; there’s a line that needs to be drawn somewhere.  I have gone through my entire photo stream from 2021 and selected memories of the year as I did in 2020, 2019 and 2018.  The selected photos are by no-means exhaustive.  It’s a “ohhh yeeahh, that needs to go in for a reason”.  Other events may have happened but they may not be appropriate to share to the whole internet (ha) or I have chosen, for whatever reason, not to.

As with tradition firstly I shall talk about cycling.  In 2021, I cycled a total of 2,202 miles.

Distance travelled in 2021 graph

This does not include the miles that were not recorded on the few times I forgot my Garmin, I rode my tandem, went on city hire bicycles or the dozen or so times my Garmin GPS would not load.


And here are the photos of 2021.































Speak soon,


Samuel x



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