I comment on many current affairs but often shy away from commenting on killings.  Perhaps this is down to me briefly mourning in a personal way and absorbing the plethora of facts, knowledge and subsequent opinions that soon emerge.

However, two recent acts of terrorism on Jo Cox MP earlier today and the massacre early last Sunday of 49 people in a gay nightclub in Orlando have sent my emotions into turmoil.  Both with a gun.  How can someone pull the trigger?  In the case of the former, stab with a knife? 

How can it be that someone removes someone else’s life?  It is abhorrent.  What gives someone the right to unjustly take away an innocent life?

I have been reading about the lives taken.  I am filled with sadness.  These were people.  People full of past and what should have been a future. 

My thoughts go out to the family and friends of those taken.

People have different opinions.  That’s what makes humans human.  A life with everyone thinking exactly the same way would not be a life at all.  Life is about being open minded, and understanding and seeking to persuade either the other or perhaps even yourself.  Why can everyone not get along peacefully?

Samuel x

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