A45 Bicycle Crash.  Ouch.


Yesterday evening, at around 5.40pm I was hit whilst cycling along the A45.  I was knocked off my bicycle by a van travelling at about 65mph.

The wing mirror clipped me and flung me into the grass verge.   My glasses were knocked off but luckily I wasn’t knocked out.  My head was painful as my brain has just swished around.  Fortunately he stopped and reversed back.  He found my glasses, put my bicycle in his van and drove me home.

I reported it to 101, and they recommended to get checked out.  Dad took me over to A&E last night.  The Doctor checked me over and made sure no ribs were broken.  Just badly internally bruised.

As the day has progressed, the pain has worsened and my neck is really starting to hurt.

Whoever designed the road simply was not thinking straight.  Well, straight for cars but not for cyclists.  Just before the point I was hit, there is an area for cyclists but it quickly disappears which meant I was in the road.  The sun was low in the sky, the man said he didn’t see me, and wallop.

There is a small bit at the side of the road for cyclists but it suddenly disappears pushing me into the road.

Here’s the Google Street View link.

It could have been a lot, lot worse.  As I staggered to his van, I didn’t look around me but I remember thinking yesterday that the area which I was cycling in was disappearing as I travelled along the road.  As I have retraced the route on Google Maps, I have noticed a brick wall.   Imagine if I hit that.  Ouch.  If I managed to get a bit further along the road, there is a low wall and beyond that is a drop down to the railway tracks.  Ouch.  I wear cycling shoes with cleats so I was attached to the bicycle.  The impact must have unclipped them but imagine if they stayed clipped.  My ankles.  Ouch.

That road needs to be redesigned to accommodate for all road users.

Someone was looking over me yesterday.



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