2013-10-22 – Memory is great


I love memories. Memories of experiences throughout our lives make for great, well rounded individuals. Life needs to be full of out-there experiences and that’s what I am trying to do. It’s all fine sitting at the computer or reading something and staying inside your bubble but sometimes you need to enter the real world and experience life. Remembering these experiences shapes life for the future.

My memory is not the best. I was worried the other day. I completely forgot to do something (can’t remember what now) and became so frustrated with myself. Why, oh, why, can I not remember everything? I am not a Psychologist so I will not attempt to make assumptions about how the mind works. I did Psychology for A Level but I now can not remember what I learnt . . .

Maybe the mind works by sieving information and remembering what it deems as important and relevant. Perhaps I am not good at talking to my inner mind and letting it know that the bins need putting out tonight.

The other day I realised that I should not get so frustrated with myself. Why? Well, I was watching Capitalism: A Love Story – a brilliant film which despite the fact I watched it three and a half years ago, I could not fully remember. Usually, I find that I cannot recall exactly what happened in a film but know its general progression. However, this documentary was one of the first times I could not think what came next. Despite a sudden feeling of frustration, I realised that this forgetfulness meant I freshly absorbed the information. If I had felt that I had seen it before, my interest would have dwindled and I would not paid attention. I am so glad I did because watching this film has re-ignited my passion to help combat the social injustices that are resultant of the system we are currently embedded within.

Forgetting this and forgetting that isn’t all that bad.

Except in terms of names. I am terrible with people’s names. After I have just met someone and they tell me their name, I know imminently it will slips away and later embarrassingly as I go to use their name and madly search around head, there is nothing there. Sometimes I forget people’s names who I know.

Have you got any techniques to improve my name recalling?

Names aside, the brain is wonderful!

Here’s an experience of mine the other day:

Well it’s definitely an experience of Matt – it will stick in his mind for a long time to come.

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