Cycling 111 miles

Yesterday I cycled 85 miles ish from Wellingborough to London! I forgot to check my odometer as I arrived and only checked it after I took part in Critical Mass. I met up with Tom and then we all cycled for hours. I left around 10.50pm. All in all, yesterday I travelled 111 miles, for 9 hours and 50 minutes with a top speed of 30mph and (due to the slow pace of Critical Mass) average speed of 11.4 mph.

First sign of London – I was more than welcome!

Just entering London!

Tom and me ready to set off.

Critical Mass is a celebration of cycling culture in which over 1,000 cyclists reclaim the streets and make their presence known. There was such a wonderful atmosphere with great music blaring and every cyclist (and other users of non-motorised transport) smiling, cheery and relaxed. Of course, some drivers did not comprehend how they had to sit and wait for cyclists and thought that they own the roads. Out of the car they got, blaspheming and swearing and embarrassing themselves.

Before it started I went to cycle over Tower Bridge. On my way there, these two nice Czech guys asked me if I know the direction to it. “I’m going there, follow me”.

Me and two Czech guys

Cyclists gathering under Waterloo Bridge

Here’s a small glimpse into the sheer numbers involved.

We stopped off near St Paul’s. We’d met Lewis, an Australian who has just moved over, earlier on so I decided to get a photo.

We finished, or rather I left at Victoria’s Memorial outside Buckingham Palace.

Near St. Pancras, just before I went home, I decided to eat a McDonalds but they wouldn’t let me in with my bicycle. I made a bit of a scene. Dan, a New Zealander, in a act of generosity handed me his burger and would not let me refuse to take it. Thank you Dan!

Without a shadow of a doubt, I would have fallen asleep on the train ride home if it hadn’t have been for six guys, completely pissed after a long hard drinking day in London, who got on the train and next to, opposite, and across the aisle from me. They were friendly and the things they said made me laugh a lot. It was a shame the train buffet car was not open. They talked often of wanting a can of beer. Happy 50th Birthday Steve.

All in all, a superb day!

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