2014-02-21 – Wooden Chocolate Factory – Vlog 22 by Samuel Shoesmith

On Friday 21st February, for a module called Technology, Material Change and Social Change, a group of us students and Dr David Parker went to visit Fairdinkum Furniture / Outback and Deli-Cious Chocolate in Sherwood.  The intention was to see how objects are made and fashioned into a final product from raw materials.  As with this physical creation, the creation of the video below involved gathering and editing the raw video clips into one finished product and then this data was placed on the internet.

Fairdinkum Furniture
Unit C10a
Haydn Road

Here is a link to their websites:



A massive thank you to Daryl and Lisa for showing us their wonderful creations and how they go about creating them.

Here’s the video of the day (sorry about the sound issues).


Samuel Shoesmith

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