‘Cycling’ holiday

We planned to cycle from Wellingborough to the south coast but we ended up taking our bicycles on the trains.  We had a ‘Cycling’ holiday.  On Wednesday 17th June, Seb and I got the train down to Southampton with a stop off at London St. Pancras and short cycle to Waterloo.

In retrospect, I am glad we got the train rather than attempt to cycle it as the 120 odd miles would have really done us in.  We arrived well rested before exploring Southampton.

A few days later, we took our bicycles on the hour ferry ride to the Isle of Wight.

On the ferry.

I have always wanted to go and visit.  It was a sunny day so after cycling to Ryde, we sunbathed and didn’t do any exploring – something I want to certainly do in the future.  From the bit I cycled, I’d say I’ve never seen road-surface contrast contrast before.  My bike loved some roads and absolutely detested others.

With our bicycles, we caught the train from Southampton Central to Salisbury.  From here, after some cheesy chips, we cycled for 8 miles to Stonehenge.  During my childhood, I had seen so many images of the famous stones and have always wanted to go in person.  The holiday coincided with Summer Solstice.  On Saturday 20th June we watched the sun set as we stood in between the stones.

Hitting hard. Hours to go before sunrise. Makeshift hat.

After lying on the floor for a few hours, cycling for a while and milling in a penguin-like formation between tourists and worshippers to keep warm, we stood with Stonehenge just in front of us at the the sun peeped up on the horizon.  Well, if truth be told the second this occurred, a kerfuffle behind distracted us – the police were in the process of arresting someone.

The sun rising. Summer Solstice at Stonehenge.

Heading back to Salisbury, we grabbed a McBreakfast to keep us going and then returned to Southampton.

A few days later we headed to Bournemouth.  Sadly the weather wasn’t entirely on our side.  It was ok.  There was some sun but it was draughty.  Despite this, we went to the beach a few times and on one day even dared to go into the sea.  Our holiday to Bournemouth coincided with one we had last year.  Here’s the after followed by the before shot:

Me and Seb in 2015.

Me and Seb in 2014.

Me in the sea at Bournemouth


It did not turn out as ‘cycling’ as we hoped but we still racked up 83 miles and used the bicycles a great deal.

I had a lovely week away.  Thanks so much to my friend, Seb, who, as per usual, joined me on another great adventure.

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