Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year 2016.

2015 was a special year.  Thank you to everyone who made it so wonderful.  Thank you to everyone I met.  I won’t tag or mention but you know who you are.  Never underestimate how important everyone in my life is.  I appreciate you all!  Life is short.  Life can be taken away.  So grasp it.  Enjoy it!  Live it.  Carpe diem.  YOLO! 

Here are some of the things I managed to cram into this year (in a mixed up, bizarre order):

I went down to London A LOT.  I went cycling there.  I went cycling everywhere.  I went to house parties.  A tour of Parliament.  I cycled to London.  I went on a lot of protests.  Met my friend a lot in Leicester.  A tour of Big Ben.  I met Karren Brady.  I went interailing – whhhattt!  Paris, Rome, Venice, Munich, Berlin and Amsterdam.  I went on many Critical Mass cycles over the year.  I cycled naked in London.  I went on holiday to Southampton, Bournemouth, and the Isle of Wight and was in Stonehenge for Summer Solstice.  I attended London’s Gay Pride.  I met old friends.  I met friends.  Made new friends.  Met random people.  Saw people.  Exchange ideas.  Talked.  Discussed.  I read.  I read a lot.  I went to the pictures a lot.  I did some volunteering.  I went to Karl Marx’s grave.  I went to my first comedy club.  I cycled to Brighton.  I went to Notting Hill Carnival.  I got another bicycle.  I went to the theatre in London.  I bought a glideboard.  I glided a lot.  I got into photography.  I went up to Nottingham.  And again.  And to Derby.  And again. 

Ohhh, may 2016 be even better!

Update: my first cycle of 2016 was a short one.  6.71 miles and burnt 430 calories. I cycle drew a 2016.  This was slightly better in my mind but it came out ok.

Happy New Year! 

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