Bicycles, Bins, Bombs and no plan B

Lots of B’s. Bicycling, Bins, Bombs and no plan B.

I finally got round to creating the following video. I have a tendency to film everything and anything. On the Sunday evening when I arrived back in Wellingborough the idea of beginning the seemingly humungous task of editing it was daunting.

With no one to answer to, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, was said and then a week became two and then a month then two passed.   I dipped in to edit a bit here and there but never got round to finishing it. Often distracted myself by consuming rather than producing.

There was lots of bicycling. Scavenging from bins. Attending a “Don’t Bomb Syria” protest and attending a Climate Change march wit the intention to let politicians know there is no plan B. The last B was a stretch.

Samuel x

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