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Today is Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day. It is a global recognition of the importance of planet earth.  Today is the day that leaders from countries around earth will sign the Paris Climate Agreement finalised last December. The overarching demands of the Earth Day movement are to plant more trees, more away from fossil fuels and aim to […]

Bicycles, Bins, Bombs and no plan B

Lots of B’s. Bicycling, Bins, Bombs and no plan B. I finally got round to creating the following video. I have a tendency to film everything and anything. On the Sunday evening when I arrived back in Wellingborough the idea of beginning the seemingly humungous task of editing it was daunting. With no one to […]


On Saturday 7th March, Tom and I took part in the #TimeToAct2015 protest.  What wonderful day!  I felt so relaxed and at such ease with myself.  The lovely warm and sunny day may have helped – perhaps ironically I was enjoying a bit of a sign of climate change?!  It felt as if we were on […]