Today is Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day.

It is a global recognition of the importance of planet earth.  Today is the day that leaders from countries around earth will sign the Paris Climate Agreement finalised last December.

The overarching demands of the Earth Day movement are to plant more trees, more away from fossil fuels and aim to make cities use renewable fuels.  The specific agreement signed today officially declares the commitment to keep global temperature rises below 1.5 degrees and sets about the measures for how this will be achieved.

Earth Day started back in the 1970s after gigantic oil spill in the US.  After the devastation in this one particular area, it captivated people to care for this planet.  Each year, it makes the needs to respect earth.

It is so incredibly important to love one’s environment.  It is coincidental that over the last few days I have been thinking the human being.  How weird it is that we are what we are and we are here.  I think a few days ago there was a news article about finding a “earth-like” planet.  As of yet, we have no where to run.  If we continue at this rate – depleting the natural resources and destroying our home, we will be ruined as a species.

The natural balance of earth is very delicate.  It needs to be looked after.  If we don’t look after it, it won’t be able to look after us.

Samuel x

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