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Today I want to talk about yesterday.  It is coincidental there are two other women cropped up on my radar so what follows is a post about three women; the struggles they are faced and the role models they became. I’m a man.  I cannot write in empathy but with sympathy of the inequalities that […]

BBC should keep using the Met Office

I am very disappointed at the BBC’s decision to end its contract with the Met Office.  A middle finger to this decision.   The Met office is the most accurate forecaster, according to the World Meteorological Organisation.  It has made some infamous cock-ups, but generally it is brilliant.  In its 93 year relationship, the BBC […]

Cycled 90 miles

On Friday 24th April, Seb and I cycled from Wellingborough to London.  It was a long and hard journey totalling 90 miles.  We were shattered. After much deliberation, umming and ahhhhing we finally left Wellingborough just after 10.30am. Last year I bought a Garmin device for my bicycle.  It records all kinds of information.  We […]

June 2014 Grenoble

Back at the beginning of last June I went with my friend, Sophie to visit our friend, Amy, in Grenoble, France, who had just finished a diploma year out there.  I vlogged the trip and meant to upload when I got home.  One thing lead to another (including a naked bike ride) and I just […]

Cyclist vigil and die-in

Yesterday Tom and I attended a protest and die-in for Claire Hitier-Abadie on Victoria Street, Westminster.  The event, organised by Stop Killing Cyclists, was a tribute and remembrance of a woman killed on a bicycle – the fourth this year in London and nationally the 19th. Starting off as a protest outside Westminster City Hall […]

An Idiot’s Guide to Politics

Yesterday I watched BBC Three’s An Idiot’s Guide to Politics and I liked it.  It showed how disengaged especially young people are.  Watch it! Jolyon Rubinstein has popped up a couple of times on my BBC programme radar and gets a thumbs-up from me.  In his interactions with the political elite, he lacks expected embarrassment, […]

Creative technology

Whilst singing the wonders of good old-fashioned toys and the harm technology may do to the creative minds, as stated in my last blog post I was dichotomising the argument and it is wholly more complex. The thoughts popped into my mind again recently.  With the birth of my cousin’s daughter (not up on the […]

Happy New Year!

2014 has been a wonderful year for me.  I have done so much.  Check out my previous posts to see some of my happenings this year. To name a few: I went to some amazing house parties, I’ve cycled naked on the streets of London, I’ve cycled from Wellingborough to Cambridge.  I’ve cycled from Wellingborough […]


UPDATE:  Monday 19th January 2015 – see bottom of article for changes. Hello, It has been a long time since my last post.  In between then and now, I have fully recovered after my bicycle incident on the A45 (see last post), I have been going to the gym a lot and I have been […]

Wheelchair [race] the tube

Hello, You may have seen the recent video entitled ‘Race the Tube – Sprint’ in which a man with working legs left the underground circle lane at Mansion House, ran along the street and back onto the same train as it approached Cannon Street. Impressive. In case you haven’t seen it. Here it is: The […]