Creative technology

Whilst singing the wonders of good old-fashioned toys and the harm technology may do to the creative minds, as stated in my last blog post I was dichotomising the argument and it is wholly more complex.

The thoughts popped into my mind again recently.  With the birth of my cousin’s daughter (not up on the family tree stuff) today, I thought about the technology she will inevitable surrounded with and her access to the internet.

Whilst watching a documentary today, it talked about the early age that an individual was introduced to technology.  With his fluency and comfortability with the internet, an amazing array of projects were developed.  It made me realise that my call for a delay of the screens was quite naive.  Of course, there needs to be limits set on the usage – but that comes with everything.  Too much of nothing is bad for you.  The mind can grow, and can be aided in its growth, by modern technology being there.  The exact balance of which is a juggling act.

As suggested previous as time moves on, the world is becoming more and more reliant on technology and machines.  This is an age where although it may be important to have a stunning imagination and a passion to be creative, it is also important to be completely fluent with computers and the internet etc.

With both, the possibilities are endless.





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