First active week

Dear Diary,

The first full week of 2024 has come to an end and I can safely say I have abided by one of my New Year’s Resolutions – to be more active.  I did set numerous others which I have broken, including getting to bed earlier, he writes at 1.40am, but increasing my activity by doing some kind of movement every day so far has happened!

Inevitably I won’t be able to keep this up both mentally and physically. The drain would probably mentally stop me after a couple of weeks but physically it will be an impossibility this coming Friday as I am going into hospital to have a brain angiogram (I filmed one ages ago). This is where they make an incision into the artery in the groin and feed a tube up to the brain to squirt in some contrast agent.  I certainly will not be able to run or other activity for a few days until I heal.  I will check when it is safe to do so!

I am already quite an active person so increasing it is not as if I am going from zero to full stream ahead but just turning up the dial.  My review of 2023 showed that I moved quite a lot through a combination of walking, cycling and new to last year, outdoor running.

If half way through the year, my activity levels have decreased, I can look back at this post and hopefully get a bit of inspiration.  Here’s the activity I have done this past week: 


Cycled 24 miles, ran 5 miles



6,117 steps, Gym, then 11 minute run home.


45 minutes swim breast stroke. Ran for 31 minutes.



Walked 18,884 steps.


Gym at 0:07am. On my run home it started raining.



Parkrun. 27:01. Then cycled for 8.6 miles.



Gym for an hour. Ran home. Cycled 5.3 miles.

Speak soon,

Sam x

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