Wilby School Time Capsule

What makes me me? I am very nostalgic. I often look back with fondness of times by gone. I could predict this growing sentimentality of the past even when I was young. Moments had to be marked. Photos were collected of early secondary school years for our Leavers’ assembly. I was the one who organised a secondary school reunion after 10 years and likely to do so again. Nowadays I take photos of everything.

Today marks the 20 years since I buried a time capsule at Wilby School.

A group of workmen were laying pipes under pavement next to the school playground. Whilst doing it, they extended what was a very narrow path to the delight of mums with pushchairs. Doing so took a few days. I recall, but cannot remember how exactly, coordinating adding contents to the time capsule and then asking the workmen to dig a bit further down.

And then around midday on Friday 28th November 2003, I went out with a few others and buried the time capsule here.

I recall spending many an hour upstairs when I was in Year 6 reading a series of Log books they had from the Victorian times. I was fascinated. I recall discovering a time capsule stored on the shelves. I cannot remember how I recall this, other than below, but this time capsule began to gather its contents of life at Wilby School in 1996 ready for burial at the time of millennium.

Maybe my imagination was captivated and desire to get it in the ground grew from watching Blue Peter. I remember they buried a time capsule under the Millennium Dome at the turn of the century.

I wouldn’t have remembered this had it note been for a note I had the sense of writing at the time as 11 year old Sam.

Finding this note years ago, led me to entering the date in my calendar to remind me that today was the day. I never did obtain the photo at the time otherwise I would have uploaded it. I have contacted Mr Steve Stredwick with a hope that he happens to have it.

It led me to search through my photo albums and I found some wonderful mememories, taken 8 months later when I left.

Look at the overhead projector, the big screen computers, my Mum’s big hair, the ‘arcs’ which were soon removed as the children used to bash their heads on the corners. The memories!

Buried but never forgotten.

I could not help but use this as an opportunity to share my primary school photo, because, why not?!

Speak soon,


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