New powers to improve safety on Nottingham’s roads?

New powers to improve safety on Nottingham’s roads?

I have long called for further enforcement of both moving and parking offences.  I read about the idea of moving moving traffic offences from the hands of the police to councils a couple of years ago.  Legislation has finally passed meaning it is now a possibility.

With regret, Nottingham isn’t simply bringing this in but launching a consultation on the introduction of ANPRs at four locations with the expection, if granted, would be in by Autumn 2023.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to fill it in, in support of this move.

Moving traffic offences should be enforceable by the police but they are very rarely dealt with.  This has led to a ‘wild west’ on the roads where some drivers feel they can do as they please because the likeliness of a police officer catching someone perform an illegal move is very, very small.  Installing ANPR cameras would mean that each and every driver who drives in a bus lane, stops on a yellow box, goes the wrong way up on a one way street, goes left or right when it is banned and does an illegal U turn will receive a fine.  They won’t do it again.  People will soon learn that they cannot replicate this behaviour.

I work facing Maid Marian Way at the junction of Friar Lane where illegal U-turns are performed.  The number of near misses I have seen is shambolic.  It is only a matter of time before someone is hurt or killed by a driver.  For those unaware, there is a pedestrian crossing in two stages.  When the uphill section is on the green man, the down hill is on green for drivers and most abide by the rules but each and every day I see drivers nip around at such speed and go through a green for pedestrians.

Consultation on new powers to improve safety of Nottingham roads.

The consultatiion is open until 30th November 2022.

Please support the changes.

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