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I’m back!  Finally I have posted here on my website after months and months of absence. Lots has happened and lots will happen.  The biggest news is that I have moved to Nottingham!  I’m so pleased.  I’m certain I will backfill this blog but I needed to post right now otherwise more and more months would pass.

Moved, Maypole, Edit

In brief today I wanted to share a video I made yesterday.  Editing videos is a hobby I love as it is a wonderfully creative endeavour; it is akin to painting for me.  As with updating this blog, I am always occupied with some other matter and think to myself I will get around to doing it tomorrow but tomorrow never comes.  I needed to do it now and clear my mind from whatever else was floating about on my to-do list.  It can be timely to edit and can feel like little progress is being made but I always enjoy the finished piece and then thinking about what has gone into it.


Yesterday I was invited along to a community event.  Each and every May bank holiday at a local pocket park, there is Maypole dancing and music as well as free pizza.  It was such a lovely atmosphere.  As I entered the park my mind instantly visualised a video and I could picture the shots and angles I needed.  I decided this needed a video so I got filming different clips ready to edit them together.  Here’s the finished piece:

Speak soon,

Samuel x

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