Repealing Section 28

A couple of days ago back in 2003 Labour thankfully repealed Section 28. The Tories brought in this terrible piece of legislation in 1987 stating that councils should not “promote” homosexuality or allow teaching in schools of the acceptability of homosexuality as a family relationship.

It fostered a culture of ignoring and forgetting about LGBT+ peoples all together which meant a lot of people remained closeted throughout their school years and hid who they were. It allowed bullying to fester as being anything but straight was simply not mentioned due to this legislation.  Homosexuality was not spoken about so therefore it seemed abnormal.  I remember it being such a taboo.  It affected my identity.

I started secondary school in 2004 and the legacy of this legislation meant that homosexuality was never discussed.   Imagine if during my developing years gays were spoken about.  Imagine how different things could have been had.   I wonder what decisions I may have made knowing I would be accepted for who I am. Imagine a culture where coming out and being accepted is the norm. I came out only in 2013.

School nowadays is different I hear; people are accepted and supported for who they are.

This legislation affected so many people.

Labour continue to push for LGBT+ rights.

Vote Labour in the General Election on December 12th.

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