Newcastle a few weeks ago

For too long it has been the same; I go to a few different places and become comfortable with the familiarity.  I frequent them, have a great time as always but do not seek anything new.

I decided to change that.  I wanted to go somewhere different.  In conjunction with my friend Seb, we decided to go up north.  I looked at the map before I went but didn’t realised until we hit the road just how far north it actually was.

I got the train from Wellingborough to Nottingham and then from Nottingham I got the train to the town of Seb’s work, Ashfield in Kirkby.  I waited in reception, he finished, joined me, changed and then we started our journey.  A few miles later we stopped off at a service station.  After a tactical McDonalds to keep us going, we continued the long drive.

We arrived, checked in, and rested for a bit.  The hotel was lovely.  We got our swim shorts on and went for a swim,  then in the jacuzzi, sauna and steam room and then each one again.  In the sauna we chatted to some lovely locals.  To each we asked them if they could recommend some areas of interest.   Everyone in Newcastle seems friendly.

We got at taxi from the hotel to the city.  After a few drinks in Wetherspoons, we explored the gay bars.

The next day we arose, checked out and then used the pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi once more.  After having a shower, we went to see The Angel of the North.  It was wonderful actually getting up close.  It was smaller than I expected but nonetheless a spectacle.

Afterwards we went to explore the city and wondered over numerous bridges.  I got a great feel for the city.

Finally, I went to visit my cousin and family who moved to Newcastle from London a few years ago.  Then we hit the road, one more tactical stop, but this time at Burger King and then back to Nottingham.

A lovely trip.

I made a vlog of the trip.  Something I haven’t done in a long time but really enjoy making.


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