Nearly hit on a zebra

I am not usually a pedestrian.  I often leave the house and become a passenger in a motorcar, and maybe later a train, or more probably I mount my bicycle. 

Today with the rain on and off I thought I would walk the short distance I needed to go.  Using a car would be sinful to those around me who have to breathe in the needless fumes and using my bicycle would have been sinful to me as it’s a precious being who cannot get dirty.  Dirty rain water makes grit stick.  Eww.

So there I was, walking.  A proper pedestrian.  I was armed with an umbrella but dressed in the hope that the sun shone.  See my photo below.

On my way home, I stopped at Sainsbury’s.  With a pineapple, grapes and blueberries in my rucksack, I left the shop, and went to cross the zebra crossing.  Half way across I noticed from my left a van at a distance quickly approaching.  The van hit the brakes suddenly.  It was one of those moments I felt myself tense as I thought I was going to be hit.  I was shaken and couldn’t even look at the motorist.  How could I not be seen?

I turned and saw him enter the car park.  He had earphones in and was holding his mobile phone.  How can someone in charge of such a powerful vehicle do that?  I assume he was on the phone and trying to do hands-free, albeit failing spectacularly.  He should turn his phone off and concentrate on the road in front of him.  A study has shown even hands-free is equally as bad as using a hand-held device.  The fact the device was held in his hand was illegal.  The distraction could have injured or killed me. 


Me.  How could anyone not see those shorts?

Me.  How could anyone not see those shorts?

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