If we evolved to survive car crashes

I haven’t been myself recently. 

I had fallen behind with what I term the “admin of life” but could see the light at the end of the tunnel and then suddenly I was involved in a traffic collision.  I consequently fell even further behind and just haven’t been able to catch up.

As well as the physical injuries, which are still present, it had an emotional impact as well.  I felt rather down last week.  Stuck in a perpetual loop of nothingness.  This wasn’t solely down to the incident but it definitely was a contributing factor.  I finally feel like I am sorting myself out and getting back on track.  That has taken a long time.

I saw the following concept today and it made me think about the vulnerability of the human being; to have an impact both emotionally and physically.  I fight for safer roads for all.  A group of scientists and artist called Patricia Piccinini created Graham.  Graham is what they believe the human being would look like if we were to evolve to survive low-impact car crashes in a vehicle, on a bicycle or as a pedestrian.  Imagine a high impact crash!

Even despite a metal shell, in a car-on-car collision Graham has lost his neck, and attained a natural helmet made from an extended rib cage, and develop a reinforced and an air-bag filled rib cage.  As a pedestrian, Graham has been give hoof-like legs to allow him to jump out of the way of dangerous oncoming dangers.  He has lost his nose and gained fatty issue on his head to avoid facial and brain injuries.  His knees bend both ways and his skin is thicker.

This project, commissioned in conjunction with Australia’s Transport Accident Commission is intended to highlight the vulnerability of the human and make people think.  It takes millions of years for humans to evolve but just over a century for the common car to be developed.

Often we forgot just how powerful the car is.  Due care and attention needs to be paid by yourself, for yourself, for other people in your vehicle, and other users of the road. 

The project shows the human being is not suited to the car.  The forces applied to the body in a collision are astronomical.  Stay safe. 

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