Don’t Bomb Syria!

Today a vote will occur in the House of Commons about whether Britain should bomb Syria.

I say. Don’t Bomb Syria.

On Saturday I attended a protest in Whitehall and listened to impassioned pleas for the government to for an air strike campaign not to happen. David Cameron has called on his MPs, and others to vote for action.

Just imagine being in your own home and a bomb kills you. Nobody cares because you’re just collateral damage. It did also destroy part of the headquarters of for ISIS or ISIL so that’s good.

The clue is in the acronym. ISIS. ISIL. This Islamic State is not in one particular location, which could be bombed from the air but spread over a huge area.

I’ve heard a couple of people say, “yeah, let’s send them planes in. Drop a few bombs. Destroy ISIL. Yeah”.

I hate to break it to them but it will not. There is no end game planned. Or maybe there is and they just haven’t told us yet. A series of air strikes will disrupt but not destroy, delay their actions, but allow them to rejuvenate with a vengeance.

I’m not geo-political expert with the situation in the Middle East. How can it be that just last year there were calls to bomb President Assad of Syria or now there are calls to bomb his enemies? Look back at what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. For years and years those wars were fought and now look at the end result.


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