I heard the other day that this is “the most important elections in a generation” but I’m sure I only heard this only five years ago.  Perhaps it is the most important in one election cycle or generation.  Nevertheless, I think all elections are important and it is imperative that you cast your vote today.


You may be sitting there thinking “well, I don’t do politics”.  Well, if you don’t do politics, politics will do you.

If you don’t know who to vote for, or think that no one represents your views well enough,then SPOIL YOUR BALLOT.  As the electoral data is analysed they’ll be able to see that certain segments of the population didn’t vote.  Say students recently haven’t been voting in General Elections and older people do.  Then it’s makes more sense to have policies that pleases older people.  They could vote for you.  So the government think they need to shift the budget about.  Treble university tuition fees?  Why not?  They won’t exactly vote us out.

Also whilst I am writing about politics, let’s talk about some political satire.   I strongly recommend watching Newszoids.  When I was younger, I stumbled across Spitting Images and loved it.  Now, I am not saying this meets its standards, but it is a programme in the mainstream which offers a light political satire.  I have recognised all of the faces.  I think it’s so important to be able to take the mickey out of someone.  It brings about discussion, provokes thought, and offers a form of criticism.  NICE!

Here’s some great clips.

Now whenever I see Ed, I think of him pole dancing.

Let’s not forgot Cameron.

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