2014-02-04 – Happy Birthday Facebook!

Ten years ago Facebook was founded.

I am someone who has posted a few times in the past attempting to lure people to other social networks (mainly Google+) so would not seem a likely person to sing Facebook’s praises.  But that is exactly what I am going to do.

As shown in Mark Zuckerberg’s post, the world is now so very connected.  I cannot imagine growing up in society without Facebook.  In the past I have posted in order to get something off my shoulders, have used it to arrange my social life, remember people’s birthdays and browse hundreds of thousands of photos.  And in the future I will do the same.  It’s certainly not only a time ‘waster’, as many seem to argue.  I think I remember reading that the average Brit spends average 15 minutes a day.  Mine is a bit more than that.  It has changed the way we do things.  The way we communicate.  The way we think.  The way we remember.

After reading an article tweeted by @spoonersean, I realised just how useful Facebook actually is.  How brilliant it is.  There are flaws (and Google+ is an alternate – just mentioning that) but it allows us to connect like never before.  Shallow relationships?  Maybe.  But at least it keeps them alive.

A very Happy 10th Birthday Facebook!



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