03/09/12 – Amazing weekend in London

Yesterday we got back from an amazing weekend in London.


The trip was organised by GB Tours which is a fantastic company.  For an incredibly low price we had superb weekend.  I definitely recommend checking them out.


On Saturday 2nd of September, we were down to London and were dropped off at Harrods.  A completely different world.


We were then taken back to our hotel which was next to Heathrow Airport.  They views were amazing, as can be seen below.  The rooms were lovely but I was expecting a noise.  Surprisingly there was nothing.  As well as double glazing, the other side of the windowsill was glazed sealing the space in between.  Silent.  I had a great night’s sleep.

The photo does not do it justice.

The next morning we had breakfast.  It was free so I ate a lot.  An enormous amount.  I cannot recall how many fried eggs or how much scrambled egg I ate along with cooked tomatoes, hash browns, bacon, toast and a roll.  I was too busy to take a picture of the food but here’s my happy face after the meal.


The next day we were taken to Buckingham Palace for a tour.  It was amazing!  I want to go back.  I love anything Royal.  Taking photographs inside was strictly prohibited but I was free to snap away in the gardens.

We were then taken to Covent Garden.  A lovely, bustling place!


Me and my sister with a human statue in Covent Garden

As we were waiting for the coach to go home, we heard a loud shout and as we turned we saw this (I would turn your speakers down):


A brilliant weekend.



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