02/09/12 – First post


I have just managed to complete and make my website publicly visible before I leave my teenage years behind and enter my twenties.  It is my birthday tomorrow!  Yay!

I am very pleased as I’ve been meaning to do for around a year and a half – maybe more, actually.  I am definitely someone who, when faced with large tasks, procrastinates severely.  As with other projects I procrastinate over, I get really annoyed with myself that I haven’t completed them.  Reading this on the BBC News website about some readers’ tales of procrastination made me feel better.

The fact that this hasn’t been completed for so long has really bugged me because this is due to be a central platform where I can express myself.  I am signed up to Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and numerous others sites which I post to often enough.  As someone logs in they are faced with a plethora of information which is either disregarded, absorbed or drowned out by other people’s contributions.  The algorithms of the big sites try to show the most relevant content to the reader, listener or watcher but in the end they can only do a mediocre job – they are only computers!  So this will be a permanent place for my content to be placed where it can be sought and sorted by you!


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