Doing January

The month of January is about to end; the first month of the year of 2016 gone.  How did that happen?  I’ve “done” January.

The year of 2015 was very eventful. But I want to make 2016 even more so.  The first month was a relaxed one, but still quite eventful and now I feel so content.

This year I have made a point of going outside almost everyday either cycling or walking the dog and it makes me feel so much better.  As long as weather permits, go out and breathe in the fresh air!  Unless of course you are in some areas of London!  Most days I have either been out for a light jog, run more intensely at the gym or been out cycling to get the blood pumping – sometimes all three.

From Friday 8th it was a busy, long weekend.  That evening I was busy with a residents’ meeting where I have appointed myself speaker. We got through a lot and on time thanks, in part, to my wonderful speaking.  Haha.  On Saturday I got the train up to Beeston. I cycled the few miles to the city, locked up my bicycle in Market Square and was just going to get a coffee. I suddenly bumped into my ex-housemate, Tom. It was so bizarre bumping into him. He asked me if I was free to get a drink and I immediately obliged. Lovely to catch up with him.

I then met Abby, also a old course mate.  It was lovely seeing her and catching up.  It had been too long.  We went to Turtle Bay, a Caribbean restaurant.  The drinks and food were lovely.  I cycled back to Beeston and got a Wetherspoons with Seb, again I hadn’t seen him for ages.  Lovely.  Catch up, catch up, catch up.


On Sunday I went to London and met with Giles.  A few days beforehand, I phoned and suggested meeting in London.  I said how wonderful it would be to just meet him, go for a few drinks, cycle around and sightsee.  When he agreed I finally added on that I wanted him to do the no trousers on the tube event with me.  Here’s the video:

And two photos:



On Friday 15th, I went to see Lumiere London. For miles I walked to see nearly every light display. I am not one to always overly enjoy art but this display in the public space meant more to me.  The streets are there to be enjoyed.  People use them to get around and I think pedestrians get left behind sometimes.  Some roads were closed to motorised traffic and people flooded the space and enjoyed the exhibits on offer.  One of my favourites was one of the fountains in Trafalgar Square. Full of plastic bottles.

Here are a few:

Afterwards I went to Shoreditch to see my friend Anna Richards. She was having a leaving party before heading off travelling in India. Wow. It was lovely seeing her.


The above was interspersed with going to the pub with friends,  a photo exhibition of the history of my local area, and have been with my sister to surprise some relatives down in Reading.

As mentioned above, I felt content.  This is the first January I have ever not had the mild symptoms of having an extended “down period”.

Here’s what I mean by that:

Last year I was working. The long days, standing on my feet all day along with the odd overnighter led to that feeling of which I cannot easily describe. The years previous for three consecutive years I was at university, and Sixth Form for two before that and then school prior to that. Memory blurs, of course, but I can always recall to varying degrees a sense of slightly feeling down at this time of the year. I have self-diagnosed myself as very mildly having Seasonal Affected Disorder.  I have put myself under horrendous stress with exams and essays over the past few years, or work last year, which brought about tiredness and all this exacerbated the feeling that has come with SAD.

Speak soon,

Sam x

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