Response to Wellingborough Town Centre vision


Yesterday I submitted my response to the Wellingborough Town Centre vision. The Borough Council of Wellingborough held a public consultation for a couple of weeks. A few years ago, they had commissioned a consultancy firm to come in and provide feedback on the town centre.

In this podcast I briefly talk a couple of my radical ideas and generally about my support of their suggested vision.  It is a vital time to spend or commit to be spent money to make improvements to our town centre.  There is a lot of money in the pot which can be spent on making the centre of town a place to want to spend time in.

Response to Wellingborough Town Centre vision

I have created this podcast above and then made this post because I wanted to get my response published and out in the public domain.  I note that my document is not well written but I think it is more important that I float the ideas that are in it.

Samuel Shoesmith’s response to Wellingborough Town Centre vision

Wellingborough Town Centre vision map

Wellingborough Town Centre High Level Review – Pick Everard

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