Vote Labour – General Election

Go out and vote.
I am writing this on the evening of Wednesday 11th December. A while ago, I went to put some rubbish in the bins and looked up in the night sky. It is cold tonight, it is crisp and completely clear. It is a full moon. Its brightness made me stare and stare and I couldn’t take my eyes off the moon. By coincidence, I am watching an episode of The Crown on Netflix entitled “Moondust”. The episode nicely encapsulates the feeling that people at the time had. The hope, wonder and excitement as man landed and stepped foot on the moon and for the first time in history looked back at our home planet. This was a time of change.

I believe that we need to instil that feeling of hope. We need change and we need a different direction.

I ask that tomorrow you go out and vote. The right to vote and have a voice was hard fought for. People lost their lives.  At the very least, if you cannot decide who to vote for, spoil your ballot paper.  Don’t be apolitical.

Vote Labour – General Election

You may feel completely and utterly lost and bombarded by information. A study for four days at the beginning of the month showed that £2 million alone was spent on Facebook ads and it also found that 88% of Conservative adverts were fully or partially incorrect, and to note none of Labour’s were misleading.

We have had a Tory government for nearly a decade. It has seen drastic cuts given under the guise of austerity. I have heard people say that Labour got us in a financial mess by spending too much and they ruined the economy and they have given the spiel that the responsible Conservative government need to be financially savage, cut the state to its core and get us out of the mess. This is a lie. In 2007 George Osborne, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer stated that the Tories would matched Labour’s spending. The Global Financial Crisis was caused by a global financial system. Labour did not overspend, as according to the Tories they would have spent the same. Over this decade, the Conservatives promised that the austerity would mean the national debt and deficit would drastically decrease. It has not though. The national debt is even bigger and the reduction in the deficit is tiny.

This austerity has meant that key services have been cut back. It has changed the life chances for some. It will have reduced opportunity. Local Councils have had central government funding cut back by on average 17% but some councils have lost a lot more. This has led to SureStart centres, children’s centres and youth centre closing and  has led to the ending of almost one third of bus routes. Libraries have closed. Food bank usage has increased massively and there are so many homeless on our streets.

We are one of the 5th richest economies in the world. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Labour Party manifesto is wonderful. It will take too long to even skim over all of the points here but I will briefly mention some. The Labour Party will introduce a Green Transformation Fund. We have been told for a long time and it was recently brought to a head how we need to deal with the climate crisis now for the sake of our species. As well as building more wind turbines and solar panels this will see that we go carbon neutral in the next 10 years. Oh and planting millions more trees. Labour propose to open SureStart centres, increase funding for youth services, nationalise the railways; reducing fares by one third and giving free train travel to all under 16s. They will make buses run by local  councils for people meaning that routes are not only profit making. They will bring back 3,000 scrapped bus routes. They will make bus travel free for all under 25s. They will scrap tuition fees. They will introduce maintenance grants. They will create a National Education Service helping any age with education and increasing funding at primary and secondary school.  They will end the academisation of our schools. They will increase funding for the NHS. They will end the growing privatisation in our hospitals.  They will raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour from next year. They propose to build 100,000 council homes and 50,000 housing association properties; the biggest home building project in 40 years. They will create a new Social Care system called the National Care Service giving free personal care to the over 65s if they need it. This is care, free at the point of use. They commit to continue the triple-lock and have stated they will freeze the pension age at 66 for the foreseeable future. They will make the TV licence free for the over 75s again.

There are even more policies that the Labour Party will introduce.

Regarding Brexit, we need to get it sorted and Labour propose a sensible policy to get a good deal that makes economic and environmental sense and within 6 months propose a new referendum giving the option of remain or Brexit with this new deal  This should have happened years and years ago.  The Tories gave false hope.

I have heard time and time again people disregard all of the above simply because they get a rough idea of how expensive these policies are and wonder where the money will come from. Every single policy stated in the manifesto has been fully costed and will come from a series of measures to make society fairer. They will remove the charitable status from private schools. There will be an increase in corporation tax to its pre-2010 levels. The Tories have lowered this to 19% and next year it will fall further. Labour will increase this to 26%. People have stated companies will simply up sticks leave the UK. They will not. This figure is lower than that in France and Germany (known as an economy powerhouse) and lower than much of the United States of America (which is known as a corporate haven!). They also propose to increase tax for the highest 5% of earners only. Anyone earning below £81,000 a year will not be taxed more. Those earning this much will pay around £20 a month more. Again people have said that they will leave to avoid paying this. This is not true. For £20 extra a month, an individual is not going to leave their home, their loved ones and friends. 163 economists signed a public letter supporting the proposals for these measures leading to greater public investment saying that over these past 10 years there has been low wage growth, there has been near zero productivity growth, lack of corporate investment and increasingly strained public services.

Remember this is the The Labour Party and not New Labour. This is a far more left wing that the government we had from 1997 to 2010.

Imagine living in a better society?

Vote Labour.

Samuel x

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