Cycled 68 miles from Wellingborough to Nottingham

I haven’t posted here on my website for so long.  Crryyyy.  Why?  I don’t know.  Well, I do.  I have been doing things.  Ok, that sounds loose.  And the other reason is that I always think that producing anything takes so long.  Imagine the editing and editing and editing that goes into producing anything whereas I could just sit and passively consume.  Sounds bad.  It is.  I have decided to get back in writing on this blog and making videos.  I shall produce!

Yesterday, being Wednesday 20th June 2018, I cycled from my hometown of Wellingborough to Nottingham.  I have done this ride before, so it isn’t a new achievement.  It is the first long ride I have done for a while though.  I cycled a total of 76 miles yesterday, 68 up to Nottingham and the rest cycling around.  It was my university city so I had a trip down memory lane.  Afterwards, I went to see my best friend Seb and we went for dinner before I caught the train home.

It was a great ride.  The weather was quite humid.  The air was hot.  There was some sun.  I caught a bit of it.  It rained a few times.

I have travelled a few long distances before and used numerous methods of navigation.  I decided to go for a planned Garmin route.  I spent about 15 minutes on my desktop planning the course.  I clicked on an area approximately where I wanted to go and where I wanted to avoid and it automatically laid a line upon the roads in between.  If it did take me on an A road, or anything dodgy looking, I simply dragged the line.  I downloaded this to my Garmin and I was off.

I haven’t used this Garmin course feature for a while.  And I forgot just how good it is.  It counts down how many miles, and minutes there are to go.  It works by showing a line which you have to follow.  The bicycle is represented as a triangle.  Very rudimentary but it generally works.  A few times, where there was a fork in the road, I took an incorrect turn.  The Garmin makes a noise and flashes to let me know and it points me in the direction to get the triangle back on the route.  There was a few hiccups including a time it led me on to a canal path, and when it led me down a dirt track for tiny bit.  Other than that, it got me there!  Very good.


Thanks for reading,


Samuel x

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