Merry Christmas 2017


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Have some quality time with family and friends. Christmas is always a happy time for me. I am so relaxed and content.

I quickly just wanted to comment on the BBC Christmas idents. I think they are absolutely wonderful. I hate to admit it, but I was very close to having my eyes well up when I watched the full masterpiece.

BBC Radio 1 sent one of their co-presenters to have a look behind the scenes.  The work that goes into creating only 2 minutes worth of footage is incredible.  Have a look below.

Also, if you have opened all of your presents, and are looking for a film to watch, check out this documentary:

 Besides being a wonderful piece, it is also brilliant because I feature in it.  Albeit for 2 seconds, there is a little clip with me, Mum and Tiffany in it.  In 2012, people from all over Britain were invited to film their Christmas.  It shows how different walks of life celebrate their Christmas Day.  As well as showing this great variety, it is also a filmed time capsule.

Merry Christmas!


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