It’s August already.  I am not quite sure how this has happened.  A friend just said to me about meeting in December and despite thinking “ahhh, all the way at the end of the year, grrrr”, I suddenly thought to myself, “ohh, that’s not actually that far away”.

I meant to share my KitKit, well, at least a photo of it a few months ago.  This blog is dedicated to a present gifted to me by my friend Seb Wilkins.  On a holiday to the far east, he bought me back a green tea flavoured KitKat.  His holiday was quite a few months ago and I meant to take a photo, try it,  and write a review.  It has been in my “to do” area.  Why do I omit from just “doing”?  Perhaps because I do everything else or something else?  Anyway, this delay warrants a full blog post.

It is a coincidence, and perhaps what spurred me on to try the KitKat, that just yesterday I saw a Guardian article entitled “Have a break, have a wasabi-flavoured KitKat“.  I didn’t realise until reading this article how wide the variety of flavours is in Japan.  When I think of a KitKat, I think of two thin fingered like strips of a milk-chocolate covered biscuit which are joined together.  This snack has been around for 82 years and I didn’t think it extended to any other flavours but apparently here you can also get dark chocolate, peanut butter and cookie dough.

Over in Japan, and I assume anywhere else in Asia, there are more than 300 flavours floating around.  Sitting here looking at my Green Tea flavoured bar, I didn’t realise there is such a cultural difference.  Something so simple as a KitKat has come to mean something so different to different cultures and peoples.  The above article states about the how different flavours were attempted in the early noughties in the United Kingdom but that saw overall sales decline.  The opposite can be said of the Japanese example with sales continuing to flourish as more flavours are introduced as well as a new concept of a KitKat boutique offering a custom pack for £24.  What.

I opened the KitKat wrapper and there was a green four-fingers KitKat.  I broke off one finger and ate half of it.  And it was soon gone.  It tasted great!

I’d like to thank Seb very much for the present.


Samuel x


Here are some photos:

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